Park Haley | Services


Serving business owners and entrepreneurs throughout Virginia, the United States, and Canada.


Park Haley’s business clients are creative, interesting, and exciting.  They allow us to practice law proactively in sharing their dreams of developing and offering new products or services to the public.  We offer advice on selecting the entity for these new ventures.  From partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations, we help them chose the best entity to limit tax and legal liability and to allow the greatest flexibility and opportunity.



Our business clients range from small, closely held companies to large, publicly traded companies.  If we meet them at creation, we draft organizational documents such as partnership agreements, operating agreements, and bylaws to ensure sound business leadership and effective relationships between equity owners.  For more mature companies, we modify these agreements to adapt to changes in business direction and the number of equity owners, and we draft other agreements, such as buy-sell agreements and other shareholder agreements to ensure smooth succession.  Always, our goals are to limit tax and legal liability and to increase business marketability for future investment and acquisition.



In the ordinary course of business, our clients develop relationships with third parties, both domestic and international.  The private practice of commercial law allows us to be creative in describing these relationships in written agreements.  Drawing on our more than 20 years of negotiating and drafting experience, we allocate costs, manage risks, and increase business profitability for the benefit of our clients in leases, licensing agreements, non-competition agreements, investor agreements, security agreements, franchising agreements, and joint venture agreements.  Also, we strongly believe that our clients can avoid most disputes with third parties through our careful drafting.


Mergers and Acquisitions:  

The success of our clients often depends on transfer of ownership. Sometimes they grow by acquiring, or merging with, other companies. Sometimes other companies recognize their value and offer to buy them. We negotiate and draft the numerous documents necessary to effect these transfers of ownership, including asset purchase agreements, stock purchase agreements, seller financing agreements, security agreements, and deferred compensation agreements. We construct these transactions to ensure continued growth or to realize the highest value for our clients’ hard-earned equity.  



Some disputes, unfortunately, are inevitable.  When they arise, we aim to resolve them quickly and discreetly, through negotiation, mediation, or arbitration.  However, we are prepared to resolve them publicly in both state and federal courts.  We try to control the dispute resolution process for our existing clients in the terms of the choice of law, choice of venue, and allocation of costs and attorney’s fees provisions of our clients’ contracts.  We engage in the proactive protection of our clients’ rights such as the enforcement of intellectual property rights, enforcement of non-competition agreements, and prosecution of business torts.  We also defend claims by third parties against our clients should they arise.  Finally, we frequently act as local counsel for foreign law firms with disputes in Virginia.