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Ethics Law

Serving lawyers and law firms throughout Virginia and the United States.

Ethics Advice, Conflicts of Interest Analysis, and Disciplinary Matters

Park Haley provides general ethics analysis and advice on application of the Rules of Professional Conduct to all practice matters. Whether it is a conflicts question, an issue of client confidentiality, or other matter that involves application of the Rules, we can provide the professional guidance that helps ensure ethical compliance.


Nothing is more unsettling to a lawyer's practice than receiving a bar complaint. It can have a devastating impact on the individual attorney as well as the firm's operating efficiency and malpractice insurance premiums. We understand the nature and potential consequences of disciplinary complaints and have extensive experience in defending disciplinary actions at every level.


We provide expert testimony in malpractice, discipline or fee dispute matters, as well as the more complicated issues regarding disqualification motions, law firm subpoena(e) and sanctions proceedings.

Law Office Management
Lawyer Advertising/Marketing

Through collective experience, Park Haley has a unique perspective and understanding of the complex business management issues related to law firms. We advise and assist with client intake policies, conflict policies, trust accounting procedures, document retention policies, fee agreements, and ancillary business agreements. In addition, we provide risk management and disciplinary compliance firm audits. 



We have extensive experience in defending and interpreting Virginia's Rules of Professional Conduct as they apply to lawyer advertising and communications.

Providing Counsel and Representation to Candidates

For candidates for admission to the Virginia State Bar, either by examination or reciprocity, we provide assistance not only with the application process, but in responses and appearances before the Virginia Board of Bar Examiners.  We also handle all appellate levels of denial.

Unauthorized Practice of Law and Multi-Jurisdictional Practice

We advise and defend individuals and law firms in matters related to the unauthorized practice of law under the Rules of Professional Conduct. We also offer advice to foreign licensed lawyers and foreign registered law firms on the jurisdictional limitations of their practices.